Life Coaching. What is it?

Life Coaching. So what is it?
Lets start with what it’s not. Life coaching is not counselling, therapy or mentoring. It is a specific practice of working with a client in a consistent, non-judgemental and from a non-biased perspective. In this way, I hold a safe, contained space to establish where a client is in their life now, where they want to get to, and making specific and effective plans on how to get there.
Together we create opportunity.
It is about achieving goals, unlocking potential and realising what tools are already present, building on the positive and realising what the client is capable of. The best part is, as a coach I provide the means for the client to realise their own goals. Essentially I provide the tools to discover all of this potential for themselves. I do this by various techniques that open up thought processes, challenge potentially limiting beliefs and assisting to broaden outlooks.
These are positive and lifelong skills that will outlast the coaching journey.
Coaching can be used to get out of that ‘stuck in a rut’ feeling either in a specific area or situation or in a broader sense.
If the client feels stuck but doesn’t know why, this is usually explored at the beginning to establish focus and specific forward planning.
The best thing to do if you are thinking of coaching is to get in touch. I’m happy to chat about whether it is the right thing for you in your current situation.
I look forward to hearing from you and am excited to start our journey together!
Lisa 🙂

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