My Week of Gratitude, What Did I Learn?

This week I have been doing 7 days of gratitude visits, one thing per day I am grateful for. My list was fairly standard and consisted of the following;

Day 1 – My car and the ability to drive.

Day 2 – My family.

Day 3 – My children.

Day 4 – The roof over our heads.

Day 5 – My best friend

Day 6 – SLEEP!

Day 7 – Food and clean drinking water on tap.

I didn’t know what I would write each day beforehand and hadn’t planned anything so these were all natural and genuine gratitude visits.

I feel that I have learned about myself from looking at my list. Material things seem not to make much of an appearance other than my car on day 1, but more for ferrying people around reasons than the actual car. My list focuses on people. The people I am grateful to have in my life are what make up the majority of my gratitude visits and I feel like that’s telling of the sort of person I am.

I’m not saying that everyone can tell what kind of person you are from a list of 7 things like this but this is how I’ve read my own.

I feel more positive on the whole, and think I will continue to do the gratitude visits each day in my own journal as it has given me 10 minutes at the end of each day to reflect, if nothing else.

What do you feel your list says and what have you taken from the week?

Let me know in the comments.

Help Others – Live Longer!

Recently I have been thinking about gratitude visits and random acts of kindness.

Gratitude visits are stopping to write down or record something each day that you are grateful for. It could be the roof over your head or seeing your partner smile when you get home in the evening. These are something that I enjoy doing, both to ground myself to appreciate what’s around me especially if it’s a tough day.

Random acts of kindness are just that, randomly helping or being kind to people just, well, just because. I love that I feel very positive after these acts but also it’s satisfying to spread that positivity and happiness to others.

I love the idea of paying kindness forward. This literally means that any good deed that is done to you, you do a good deed (or 2) for someone different. That way you are making kindness contagious.

There are various studies that have looked at the beneficial aspects of volunteering and helping others. It is claimed that it increases wellbeing, happiness and could even make you live longer.

No one is saying you should now go in search of as much voluntary work and good deeds as you can, unless you really want to that is, but it is definitely something to think about.

Volunteering could be at you childs school, local community centre, working with animals, helping out local groups, working for a larger organisation that needs the support of volunteers or anything else you can think of. Each county usually has a local voluntary services base.

Random acts of kindness could be anything! Helping someone with heavy shopping, baking cookies for your neighbour, writing a thank you card to someone who always helps you but is rarely told how much they are appreciated, leaving your pay and display parking ticket with time left taped to the ticket machine in a car park (yes I’ve done that one!) or a whole host of other things.

Feel free to add suggestions in the comments for volunteering and RAK. I’d love to hear them!


Lisa 🙂